Axegressor at Noise for Fiction Studio


My year started in the best possible way, we recorded the next Axegressor album at my Noise for Fiction studio.

I also recorded, mixed and mastered “Last” album for the band, 3 years ago. It was really nice to work with guys again. Sessions went very smoothly and we had really good time in the studio.



Sessions started with recording Atte´s drumset and Seba´s guitar together in the same room, for that raw live feel. It takes a bit of time to get everything set up, instruments, amps and speakers and all the microphones, about 30 mics total. The most important is that band can play in the best possible atmosphere.



Guitars were recorded with 4 dynamic microphones in Marshall and Palmer speakers. Amp was Seba Forma´s Marshall JCM 800.


Atte and Seba had so good balance between them that we didn’t need to use any isolation between drums and amps.

It is very important to listen to all the takes and choose the basic tracks that have best mood for the song. These were the foundation of the record so they should be as solid as possible.


Seba and Atte have really great groove after playing and jamming countless hours together.


Next was Aki´s turn to play bass tracks. We used 10 tracks and 3 amps for the bass. Ampeg and Orange bass amps and my old Laney guitar amp for distortion.

Aki played really loud and we recorded the sound of the room, while amps bombarded the hall with low frequencies.




Seba and Atte came to listen Akis playing and give support.

Then was time to record vocals. Jussi gets the best performance when he has a handheld microphone. We did use Heil sound pr35 for that. I had some 5 room mics also and Condenser microphone for “overhead” to capture the high energy performance of Jussi Helenius.

Aki and Jussi did the emotional duo performance of chorus and backing vocals.

Then it is time to mix and master the record!


Axegressor is:

Johnny Nuclear Winter – throat  Seba Forma – lead & rhythm guitar / Aki Paulamäki – bass & backing vocals / Atte Mäkelä – drums

Seba Forma – lead & rhythm guitar  Aki Paulamäki – bass & backing vocals / Atte Mäkelä – drums

Aki Paulamäki – bass & backing vocals  Atte Mäkelä – drums

Atte Mäkelä – drums