Pentagram – Live Rites album, produced by Joona Lukala

Once upon an Easter Sunday in the year 2011 it came to pass that Pentagram was to visit Finland on their 40th anniversary tour, and Svart Records alerted their best audio tech staff to record this historical event. The live album project took hundreds of hours of work – from the meticulous recording of the actual concert through the mixing board and several carefully placed microphones to the tireless post-production process. The resulting album Live Rites is a very crisp-sounding document of how Pentagram sounded on their jubilant anniversary tour – vivid, crunchy and all the way alive.
The album is available on vinyl only, all on transparent grey vinyl and wrapped in a thick gatefold jacket with a big 16-page booklet glued inside. Also includes exclusive live photos, liner notes and a copy of the gig poster too.

Here is mp3 sample from LP:

IMG_0860IMG_0823pentagrampentagram 2pentagram3pentagram 4pentagram 5pentagram 6pentagram 7pentagram 8pentagram 9pentagram 10pentagram 11pentagram 12pentagram 13pentagram 14pentagram 16pentagram 18pentagram 17pentagram


A1 Day Of Reckoning 3:21
A2 Forever My Queen 2:34
A3 The Ghoul 5:16
A4 Into The Ground 4:10
B1 Evil Seed 5:15
B2 Call The Man 3:30
B3 Relentless 4:20
B4 Nothing Left 3:26
C1 All Your Sins 5:45
C2 20 Buck Spin 5:05
D1 Sign Of The Wolf 3:34
D2 When The Screams Come 9:43



Live Rites in Helsinki, Easter Sunday April 29th 2011.

Tracks written by Bobby Liebling were published by Mon Cheri Music (BMI) and by Victor Griffin by Brethren Music (ASCAP).

Comes in thick, gatefold cover with a 16-page booklet attached to the center. Includes a poster.

Pentagram – Live Rites album was recorded at Helsinki and mixed and mastered at Noise for Fiction recording studio Turku by Joona Lukala.

I got 21 lines/mics from stage, they were same as front of house mixer used for live sound.

Here is list of lines/mics that were split and send to recording desk and FOH mixer (PA)


I did use some additional Heil sound dynamic mics for snare, guitar and bass amps. I put pair of Golden Age Project ribbon mics for drum overheads.

Drums were recorded through GAP Pre-73 preamps to get extra punch.

I put 6 GAP FC3 omni figure condenser microphones to record audience and sound from PA. It is very important to use room sound to glue instruments together and get that live feeling and depth of the live venue.

Here is small video taken with my phone at recording desk 🙂